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Next Fertility ProCrea:

passion for life, science and excellence.


Next Fertility ProCrea is one of the leading IVF centres in Switzerland. Our headquarters are in Lugano, where we have been offering specific fertility treatments since 1999, ensuring scientific preparation and medical assistance to all couples who are hoping to have a child in a dedicated, serene, comfortable and highly specialized environment.

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A life is not the result of mathematical equations, but is the result of a journey of love. Where nature fails, science steps in. Plus, Next Fertility ProCrea puts passion into it. A passion for life, a passion for science and a passion for excellence. An example, in fact, of that Swiss excellence that is famous throughout the world, Next Fertility ProCrea brings together a staff of professionals specialized in reproductive medicine: doctors, biologists, andrologists, psychologists, medical assistants and auxiliary personnel. Everyone is at the service of those hoping to have a child, offering their knowledge and a state-of-the-art facility.

There is no single way to make a dream come true: the fundamental aspect is to fully understand where one is starting from. The added value is provided by the team’s constant constructive discussion, together with the high quality standards that the centre has achieved and the passion for continuous research which have made Next Fertility ProCrea an international benchmark for reproductive medicine. The more classic medically assisted procreation techniques, including heterologous fertilization (egg donation in Italy with international partners or use of donor sperm from our bank) and cryopreservation, are applied according to the strictest standards and latest technologies. In addition, in our centre we focus particularly on handling complex cases of male infertility, especially non-obstructive azoospermias and cryptozoospermias using the most appropriate microsurgery techniques (MicroTESE and TESE).

However, the rigour imposed by science becomes heart in the faces of the people at Next Fertility ProCrea. Like an embrace, the desire for motherhood is cultivated and enhanced, fears are faced together and anxieties dissolved in the sunshine of a continuous and ongoing assistance that cradles the couple so that one day they can cradle their own child.

Life has its own rhythms and Next Fertility ProCrea respects the times of life, staying open all year round without any waiting lists, offering availability 7 days a week and helping its patients face the diagnostic and therapeutic process with serenity.

Specialists in couple infertility since 1999

The causes of infertility are multiple and often have multiple factors combined. For this reason it is not always easy to find a solution. But trying to understand what mechanisms are involved in reproductive processes is and will become increasingly important to develop new, more individualized therapies.

Determining the reason for the couple’s infertility is the main objective, identifying the causes allows in some cases to find a solution, choosing the most targeted therapy, the particular drug or the most personalized dosage.

Next Fertility ProCrea dedicates a lot of time to research and continuous updating in order to always be at the forefront of reproductive medicine diagnostics.

Competence and quality

Next Fertility ProCrea provides patients with a high professional standard as part of a personal and continuous relationship with the entire team, consisting of over 40 professionals including doctors, biologists, geneticists and medical assistants working daily to high quality standards. In 2020 our Embryology laboratory (IVF) obtained the quality certification ISO 15189, becoming one of the first IVF laboratories accredited in Switzerland; at international level, the ISO 15189 standard is considered the benchmark for the quality system of medical laboratories. Quality does not mean being self-referential but being open to discussion and verification by third parties.

Listening and assistance

Consultation aimed at a personalized path and direct contact with specialists create a direct relationship where medical care and personal expectations lead to trust. During the initial consultation, the couple is informed clearly and in detail about all the aspects of medically assisted reproduction. A direct relationship with the doctor is the foundation of a procedure aimed at finding the most appropriate path.

The value of a warm welcome

Next Fertility ProCrea is located in an environment where the clean lines of the design, the choice of materials and the state-of-the-art technologies lend an overall feeling of safety and comfort. This modern facility was inaugurated in 2009 and extends over 5 floors for a total floor area of 1800 m2 including the reception, a waiting room, doctors’ surgeries, seminology and embryology laboratories, two operating theatres and post-surgery rooms.
We always try to combine expertise and quality with a great respect for hospitality, where listening and support mean tailoring the service to each couple.

Collaborating centres

We know that choosing the right medically assisted reproduction centre is no easy matter and sometimes it is also difficult to reach from where you live.
This is why, thanks to a network of collaborating centres throughout Italy and Switzerland, we can offer our patients their first consultation with a Specialist in the cities of Freiburg, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Novara, Verbania, Pavia, and Piacenza. Not only, but you can also conduct your first interview remotely, by video call means.

They say about us

I would like to compliment everyone at Procrea for their kindness and expertise.
In this tough phase of life, the psychological aspect is also very important. We would recommend it to everyone. From the very first visit we were struck by their professional approach, we decided immediately and would do it again.
30 October 2019 was the best day of our lives;
after 3 years of trying at another clinic and discouraged by the results, searching the internet we decided to contact ProCrea, we said to ourselves: let’s give it a last try! They have been hard years both physically and psychologically but the happiness of having him in my arms makes it all worth it. Endless joy.
My partner and I would like to announce that thanks to Dr. Verza and his entire team, we delivered beautiful twins.
It was a hard path and full of sacrifices, given the large number of tests that had to be done in the same period of time and the cost incurred. The secret is not to give up even if you know that it may be in vain. Given the centre’s professional approach it’s certainly worth starting and completing this path. Thank you.
We would like to leave a review about this fantastic centre too.
Dr. Taccani and his team looked after us. What can I say, all we can do is thank them for making our dream come true. They are special, extraordinary people, always ready to support you and clarify any doubts you might have and trust me, we had plenty! We underwent heterologous fertilization and I am now 14 weeks pregnant. I would recommend this centre to everyone.
We have to vote this centre “excellent” from every point of view,
from organizational efficiency to the skills and synergy of each area, the professionalism of all the operators and their ability to always relate towards couples with kindness, patience and understanding, effectively resolving any problems or needs
Isabella and Gabriele
It is often not easy for those who choose assisted reproduction time and again, I have experienced it first hand,
but I can assure you that ProCrea is the answer; a centre where you will be looked after and where your questions and fears will be listened to. Thanks again to Procrea and Dr. Bellavia’s staff, you will have a place in my heart forever.


A team of over 40 professionals, accompanying patients to a new life for over 20 years.

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