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New medical director and quality certification: at ProCrea, reproductive medicine is looking to the future.

Marina Bellavia appointed as medical director of the Lugano fertility clinic which has obtained international accreditation ISO 15189.
New medical director and new international recognition. In the year of the pandemic, the ProCrea Centre for Reproductive Medicine in Lugano takes on a new guise in order to continue to be an international benchmark for couples hoping to have a child. Dr. Marina Bellavia, a gynaecologist of Italian origin trained at Lausanne University Hospital where in 2011, after in-depth training in pathologies such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome and problems related to infertility and gynaecological endocrinology, she obtained a sub-specialisation in Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecological Endocrinology, has been chosen as the new Medical Director by the General Director of the Swiss clinic, Andrea Barlocco.

In ProCrea since 2013, she was appointed shortly after Giovanni Maria Colpi, a doctor specialised in Andrology and Male Infertility, was appointed scientific director. A change at the top that has been sealed by an important international recognition obtained by ProCrea: the ISO 15189 accreditation, a certification that confirms “the quality and competence” of the IVF laboratory for in vitro fertilization. “It is the recognition of an important quality system achieved by ProCrea,” says Barlocco.
“Reproductive Medicine is not the mere application of well-established techniques and procedures, but it is the constant search for adequate answers to the various infertility problems that a person or a couple present,” emphasizes the new medical director of ProCrea.

It means “taking care of the couple”, continues Dr. Bellavia, alongside “innovative solutions and a strong focus on research because Reproductive Medicine is constantly evolving; it progresses rapidly and needs to be continuously updated to give patients increasingly personalized answers”.

Science and treatment to accompany couples to parenthood.

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