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PrenatalNext (NIPT)

A safe and reliable non-invasive prenatal test for a serene pregnancy

What are chromosomal abnormalities?

Human beings have 23 pairs of chromosomes (46 chromosomes in total), DNA strands and proteins containing the genetic information needed for the body to form and function.

Chromosomal abnormalities are conditions in which the number and/or structure of chromosomes may differ from the normal arrangement. Specifically, trisomies are conditions in which the individual has three copies of the same chromosome instead of the usual two. For example, Trisomy 21 involves the presence of three copies of chromosome 21, a condition associated with the well-known Down’s syndrome.

Early detection of the presence of a chromosomal abnormality allows parents-to-be to plan appropriate obstetrical-gynaecological management of both the continuation of pregnancy and childbirth.

What does PrenatalNext entail?

It is a very simple test that consists of a simple blood sample and allows the analysis of fragments of free circulating foetal DNA.

It is possible to perform PrenatalNext from the 10th week of pregnancy onwards.

When is it indicated?

This genetic analysis technique may be performed in the following cases:
  • Single and twin pregnancies (up to two twins)
  • Naturally obtained pregnancies
  • Pregnancies obtained through assisted fertilization techniques, both homologous and heterologous (single and twin)
  • Pregnancies with contraindications to invasive diagnosis.
  • In the case of biochemical screening tests with low and/or intermediate risk results.

What does PrenatalNext allow?


BasePlusCarioCario Plus
T21, T18, T13
Anomalie altri Cromosomi non sessuali
Anomalie Cromosomi sessuali
Anomalie di struttura (>7Mb)
Sesso fetale (se desiderato)

T21, T18, T13 = Trisomia 21 (Sindrome di Down), Trisomia 18 (Sindrome di Edwards), Trisomia 13 (Sindrome di Patau).

Anomalie altri Cromosomi non Sessuali = Trisomie del Cromosomi non Sessuali in aggiunta a T21, T18, T13.

Anomalie Cromosomi Sessuali = Monosomia X (XO), Trisomia X (XXX), Sindrome di Klinefeiter (XXY), Sindrome di Jacobs (XYY).

Anomalie di Struttura = Microdelezioni e Microduplicazioni con dimensioni >7 Mb.

Sesso fetale = Maschio o femmina come presenza o assenza del cromosoma Y.

This is a test

  • free of risk to the foetus
  • Greater than 99% specificity for the most frequent chromosomal abnormalities (T21, T18, T13)
  • Results in just 7 working days
  • CE-IVD registered procedure


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