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First Interview

How does the first interview take place in our clinic?

Knowledge is the basis of a journey that the medical staff takes together with the patients. The first interview represents a fundamental moment in the “Medically Assisted Procreation” process to begin to establish a mutual relationship of trust and take the first steps.
During the first interview, the Next Fertility ProCrea medical staff evaluates the couple’s clinical history, previous tests and previous therapies with any other attempts and failures. Then the doctor illustrates the process with the required tests, indicates the subsequent stages, explains the most suitable treatment, answers every possible question to eliminate any doubts.
Understanding and confidentiality are aspects of primary importance in the field of medical care to establish a doctor-patient relationship based on trust and awareness of having access to the most effective treatments.
By appointment it is possible to obtain an informational interview and a first visit within a few days. There are no waiting lists. The clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and on Saturday from 9am to 1pm.
To facilitate couples who are busy during the week and those who do not live in the surrounding areas, Next Fertility ProCrea offers the possibility of having the first information interview even on Saturdays. The interview in the clinic lasts approximately 2 hours or there is the possibility of booking an initial online interview lasting 1 hour, again with one of our doctors specializing in medically assisted procreation.
Our doctors, our assistants from the patient care and medical teams will answer all your questions, without any obligation.

How to prepare for the first interview?
• If the couple is carrying out a medically assisted procreation visit for the first time, our patient care team will advise the female partner to carry out hormonal tests and the male partner a spermiogram (with the possibility of carrying out the tests directly in the clinic)
• Patients with previous therapies are asked to bring with them all documents in their possession.

How does the first informational interview take place and how long does it last?
The interview lasts approximately 2 hours.

First phase: approximately 15 minutes

Welcome to the clinic and opening of medical records at the clinic reception – ground floor:
• Registration of presence in the clinic
• Request identity documents from both partners
• Compilation of forms for opening clinical dossier
• Opening of medical records
• Communication and delivery to the patient:
to. Personal identification number for recognition and data processing
b. Credentials and instructions for accessing the reserved area of ​​the site
c. Delivery of the centre’s personal security and traceability system card
• Accompaniment to the first floor for the interview

Second phase: about 1 hour

Clinical classification of the couple with our gynecologist specialized in reproductive medicine, private clinic on the first floor of the clinic:
– medical history of the couple
– evaluation of the female partner’s hormonal tests (possibility of carrying them out in the clinic)
– viewing any documentation and previous therapies
– pelvic ultrasound to exclude gynecological problems that may be a cause of infertility
– evaluation of the spermiogram to investigate a possible male cause of infertility (possibility of carrying it out in the clinic)
– identification of the new therapy with detailed explanation of the process, success rates, risks and limitations of the therapy, informed consent
– description of the recommended therapeutic plan
– prescription of diagnostic tests for the couple in order to better personalize the therapy
– prescription of further specialist consultancy: andrological, genetic, psychological, nutritional, obstetric, breast consultancy, …
– dedicated medical assistant presentation

Third phase: approximately 30 minutes

The couple meets the patient care team on the ground floor in the reserved area and
– will receive all the information documentation relating to the therapy just discussed with the specialist
– you will be given a personalized price list based on the therapy indicated and for any diagnostic tests which may all be carried out at the clinic
– all the services we offer in our clinic will be illustrated
– the patient care team will remain in contact with the couple to organize any tests in the clinic or at home, will help them reduce waiting times for the start of therapies, also booking further medical consultations/discussions

How much does the first informational interview cost?
The first information interview in person in the clinic costs €150.- while online costs €100.-

What are the steps following the first interview?

At Next Fertility Procrea WE HAVE NO WAITING LISTS for the start of therapies.

1. The couple completes the required diagnostic tests and sends the results to the treatment team for medical evaluation and to receive any therapies to be started.
2. Once the exams are completed, the patient care team schedules the second appointment in the clinic with the patients to:
• acceptance of therapy
• signs informed consents with the doctor
• in case of heterologous: compilation of documentation for donor/donor research
• shared evaluation of test reports with patients and personalization of therapy
3. Presentation of dedicated medical assistant: delivery of medical prescriptions and training in drug administration
4. Therapy planning with related timing agreed and shared with the couple.

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