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Psychotherapeutic support

We offer the most suitable tools for each couple so that they can also safeguard their psychological well-being during the entire MAP process.

At Next Fertility ProCrea we know well how much a PMA process can put a strain on the psychological well-being of the couple, which is why we offer the psychotherapeutic support service, a possibility for future parents to have a specialist at their side who can help them in moments of greater difficulty.

Next Fertility ProCrea, therefore, provides couples with a specific psychological support service for those who are facing or intend to face a ART process.

The path of PMA is a path capable of giving important opportunities but it is often complex and tiring and requires awareness.

Why is it useful to request psychological counseling?

  • To obtain clarifications and answers to doubts that may arise regarding the psychological complexity of the MAP path that the doctor proposes.
  • To analyze any family experiences of a heterologous MAP.
  • To evaluate the sustainability of the PMA path in relation to one’s personality structure.
  • To prepare to better manage some steps such as: the various emotional challenges that await partners, knowing their own energies and deep motivations, shedding light on the couple’s state of union.

Awareness helps the better management of every situation.


Dr. Federica Puddu

Psychologist and psychotherapist
Next Fertility ProCrea contact person

Member of the SGRM
Swiss Society of Reproductive Medicine

Support service for the assisted reproduction process

Psychotherapy service based on specific professional knowledge of the problems related to infertility

Individual (45′)
120 CHF

By Couple (60′)
140 CHF

For residents of Switzerland, psychotherapeutic services can be covered by Lamal Basic Health Insurance


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