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Functional medicine

Percorsi di nutrizione funzionale

Dr.ssa Monica Bossi

Dr. Monica Bossi is a Surgeon, specialist in Internal Medicine, Integrated Medicine, Ecology and Homeopathy (university specializations), Biological Nutrition and Nutraceuticals. She is a contract professor of Psycho Neuro Endocrine Immunology and Functional Nutrition at the Master II Univ. Chieti and Univ.Telematica S. Raffaele Rome, in the course of Functional and Integrated Medicine, Functional Nutrition. You have great clinical and hospital experience, already a scientific consultant for lifestyle prevention science for the Conte government’s control room.

He is a scientific consultant for Nestlè Health Science in American IFM functional, preventive and personalized medicine. He currently lives in Lugano where he is medical director of the Center for Functional and Preventive Medicine. Author of national and international scientific books; author of the registered trademark of the project “Qualisvitae, health passes through balance”:

Specialist medical and nutritional examination in the field of fertility/infertility:


  • Identification of the underlying causes of the symptom/disease
  • Customization of the integrated therapeutic and functional nutrition and nutraceutical program
  • Design of targeted controls based on individual frailties
  • Rebalancing of metabolic, thyroid and sexual inflammatory hormones and the activation of stress hormones
  • Systemic, local and immunological rebalancing of the intestinal microbiota and of the utero-vulvo-vaginal and urinary system
  • Recovery of ideal weight

The nutraceutical and functional nutrition program has the following characteristics:

  • custom made
  • to correct unconscious errors in daily nutrition for nutritional education with a focus on the right combinations for correct:
    control of the glycemic index;
    control of the insulinemic index;
  • restoration of digestive function and intestinal and vaginal microbiota
Price list
  • First in-person visit package CHF 450 (€ 475).- includes the first visit to the clinic and the two subsequent remote updates
  • First online visit package CHF 350 (€ 370) .– includes the first visit to the clinic and the two subsequent remote updates
  • Second in-person/online visit package CHF 250 (€ 265).– includes the in-clinic/online visit and the two subsequent remote updates

For more information and reservations:

Tel: +41 91 924 55 55 – from Italy +39 02 600 63 041


Dr.ssa Monica Bossi

Health Director of the Functional and Precision Medicine Center of Lugano


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