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We are a new generation of reproduction clinics.

Unlike other groups, what defines us is patient satisfaction and the level of care and assistance we wish to provide them.


We have an international team of professionals who cover all the specific needs of our treatments: gynaecologists specialists in fertility and assisted reproduction, embryologists, anesthesiologists, urologists, psychologists, nurses and clinical assistants.

Our team has helped to build thousands of families over the past 20 years.

Next Fertility is part of the Next Clinics group, which in just a few years has become one of the largest assisted reproduction and clinical diagnosis groups in Europe, with 18 clinics and 7 laboratories in 7 countries.

This is what our team offers you:

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You are about to embark on a long journey which, in some cases, will not be easy. At Next Fertility, you will never be just another patient. Here, every patient is unique.

Here, your satisfaction is not only measured in terms of achieving a pregnancy. A fertility treatment is too long to focus solely on the outcome.

We will accompany and support you throughout the process, making sure you get the attention you deserve, from the first to the last visit. Our patient care department, able to respond in 4 languages, will be constantly available. None of your concerns or needs will be overlooked.

We know that time is of the essence.
We do not have waiting lists and we take the utmost care to ensure that you don’t waste even a minute.

We do not request unnecessary diagnostic examinations that entail additional costs to patients, and we always offer the most suitable solution and treatment for the individual case. Without promising miracles or magic, we are guided only by science and our experience of over twenty years.

Our rule is to only offer treatments that have a chance of success. We don’t tell our patients what they would like to hear, but what is most suitable in their case. Your well-being is our priority.

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our processes

We are a sustainable brand; we are not looking to grow at all costs. Our goal is to improve the standards of care quality in assisted reproduction.

Our commitment to quality is a constant in all our processes. Contrary to current trends, Next Fertility does not use low-cost products or services in its labs. Our prices include the best products the market has to offer and we firmly believe in the maxim that “only the best products deliver the best results”. This gamble on quality extends to our Biobank which cryopreserves both female and male gametes.

How does our activity as a gamete bank benefit patients?
Quite simply, we also represent a benchmark in donor sperm treatments. We are experts in vitrification and genetic analysis. We can offer added security, traceability and peace of mind to all patients who need to resort to gamete donation to fulfil their dream of becoming mothers and fathers.

Technology, experience and successful results

The world of assisted reproduction has changed a great deal over the last ten years. New technological solutions have emerged and access to specialized training has become key to improving clinical outcomes.

It is an advantage to be part of an international group that is unreservedly committed to technological innovation; Next Fertility provides its team with the most advanced assisted reproduction technologies to offer the most innovative techniques with high probabilities of success. Whatever our patients’ needs are, we can take care of them.

Our group relies on
the most advanced technology available in Europe.

Yet, we know that technology only works in experienced hands. That’s why we have over twenty years of experience behind us, and our motivation to accompany you through one of the most important moments in your life remains steadfast. Over the years we have helped to add to thousands of families. Being part of the Next Fertility group gives us access to the resources needed to have the best technologies and procedures which, together with the experience of our team, allows us to offer you the best results.

I Numeri di ProCrea negli ultimi 12 anni – Fivet / ICSI

1.1.2009 – 31.12.2020


coppie trattate


cicli eseguiti

6.438 a fresco
5.528 da crioconservazione


bimbi nati


coppie che hanno crioconservazione
ovociti fertilizzati / embrioni

64% delle coppie trattate

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A team of over 40 professionals, accompanying patients to a new life for over 20 years.

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