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If necessary, we can do the impossible.
The health of your future baby is our main objective.

Next Fertility offers various services related to fertility. We put at your disposal a complete range of genetic tests, focused on preventing the transmission of genetic diseases to the future baby, and even improving the chances of getting a pregnancy.

In the same way, we offer fertility preservation services, focused on all those women who wish to be mothers in the future, and want to ensure the ability to carry a child with her same genes.

Establishing any male co-responsibility in couple infertility is fundamental and it is much more frequent than is commonly believed.

Analyze your genes and discover if you are a carrier of any disease that could affect your future baby, to later prevent him from inheriting it.

Diagnose and prevent chromosomal abnormalities and genetic diseases in your offspring.

To ensure a peaceful pregnancy, we offer you a non-invasive, safe and reliable prenatal test.

Extend your maternity age with the security of having frozen quality oocytes, in case you have to resort to them in the future.

Male fertility can be compromised by multiple factors. For this, the cryopreservation of spermatozoa allows you not to give up your desire for paternity.

Find out what our selection criteria are and the requirements to be a donor.

Accompagnamento psicoterapeutico

Sappiamo quanto un percorso di riproduzione assistita possa creare difficoltà al benessere psicologico tuo e della coppia. Per questo, desideriamo supportarvi a 360°.


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