Psychotherapeutic support

We offer the most suitable tools to each couple so that they can also safeguard their psychological well-being throughout the entire MAR process.

At Next Fertility ProCrea we know how much MAR can put a strain on the psychological well-being of the couple, that’s why we offer the psychotherapeutic support service, a possibility for future parents to have a specialist at their side who can help them at the most difficult moments.

Next Fertility ProCrea, therefore, provides couples with a psychological support service specifically for those who are undergoing or planning to undergo MAR. The support process has been elaborated by Dr. Arianna Nardulli and aims to help the couple positively experience the treatment that will lead them to embrace their future child.

By activating patients’ internal resources and adopting specific mental strategies, it is possible to deal constructively and rationally with the various phases of assisted reproduction, eliminating anxieties, fears and negative emotional experiences.

The therapeutic support provided by Next Fertility ProCrea, whether individual, for couples or groups, enables empathic and deep sharing of subjective suffering, valorising the individual’s generative energy, putting mind and body in a condition to tackle difficulties and face them, and preparing a suitable state of mind for a path of assisted procreation.

The psychological path we offer our patients is divided into three phases:
Preparatory and motivational phase
Support phase during the assisted reproduction path

Final stage

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