30 October 2019 was the best day of our lives;

after 3 years of trying at another clinic and discouraged by the results, searching the internet we decided to contact ProCrea, we said to ourselves: let’s give it a last try! They have been hard years both physically and psychologically but the happiness of having him in my arms makes it all worth it. Endless […]

We would like to leave a review about this fantastic centre too.

Dr. Taccani and his team looked after us. What can I say, all we can do is thank them for making our dream come true. They are special, extraordinary people, always ready to support you and clarify any doubts you might have and trust me, we had plenty! We underwent heterologous fertilization and I am […]

Our experience at Next Fertility was very positive.

When we first arrived at the clinic, we knew nothing about reproduction treatments, we only knew that we had difficulty in having a child. The whole team treated us very well and explained in great detail what the treatment we were going to undergo. Everything was very clear from the beginning. After a few months […]

It was the most important and successful decision of our life….

After several attempts to have a baby without success, we thought of egg donation and decided on Next Fertility clinic. We will never forget the day of betas: 593! There it was! It was HER! We lived for her! To all couples: don’t stop believing, beautiful things come for those who never give up! A […]